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Das Bild der Romantik

The picture of romance

Hristina and Frank, wedding in Munich, Germany

You will need less than two seconds to feel the romantic tenderness between these two young and affectionate hearts. All their photos are shining with delicate feelings, which seem to fill the whole background around them. A heartfelt religious ceremony, an inspiring photo shooting and a cosy party in what used to be one of the classiest restaurants in Munich „La Villa im Bambergerhaus“.

Braut - Eine klassische Hochzeit

A classy wedding

Anna and Veaceslav, wedding in Munich, Germany

A classy wedding is probably exactly the one any girl is dreaming of since her childhood. Here is a dream come true – Anna and Veaceslav’s wedding. A gorgeous couple, a delightful wedding ceremony, splendid shooting locations, surprisingly good natural lighting – everything seems to have been conducted by a magic wand.

Hochzeit am Ozeanufer

Wedding on the ocean shore

Maria and Serghei, wedding in Pattaya, Thailand

A dreamlike wedding in Thailand, bathed in sunbeams and flower petals. The youth and happiness of this lovely couple came out in a lively and emotional photo shooting. To crown it all – an idyllic civil ceremony somewhere between the sky and the sea, embraced by the approaching sunset.

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  • A sublimely warm wedding in the cradle of the Bavarian Alps, on the shores of the Tegernsee lake. The cosy ceremony in family circle, Linda and Gunther's sweet baby, as well as the second traditional garment worn by the bride, shaped the soulful and homey atmosphere of the whole event....

  • There comes a moment in life, when all fairytale dreams can to come true. It is the time of love, when two hearts find each other and feel they belong together. Enjoy Nancy and Udo's wedding - a romantic story, which will take you on horseback to the fulfillment of their fairytale....

  • It means more than a noble jewel and says more than the the laconic “I do”. It is the witness of your vows, the beginning of your family and the pledge of your infinite love. Nothing else than your wedding ring - as simple as that!...

  • Wedding bouquets are something infinitely singular and personal, each of them reflects like a magic mirror the personality of its owner. Dignified callas and classical roses, frail peonies and graceful tulips, sophisticated protea and rustic lavender - each and every single flower speaks her voice in the creation of a unique mosaic of emotions. That is why the wedding bouquet is not a simple adornment piece, it is in some delicate, intimate way the very heart of the bride....

  • The picturesque setting of the renown spa town of Bad Reichenhall is definitely the one to choose in planning such an exquisitely elegant wedding, like the one Sabrina and André had. The style of this graceful couple seems to have been reinforced by the neo-gothic arches of the church, the refined interiors of the Royal Sanatorium House and the winding alleys of the Royal Sanatorium Garden - one of the most beautiful gardens in Central Europe....

  • Who said a bride should only be dressed in white? Tradition and originality can go hand in hand at a wedding, especially if it is an Austrian one. This beautiful couple in traditional garments looked amazingly harmonious in the interiors of the ancient building of the Burghausen town hall. And the historical setting of the longest castle in Europe built the perfect background for their traditionally flavoured wedding....


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